TOLL RECOVERY - Contract Manufacturing


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Our toll recovery service,  involves taking a customer waste solvent and refining it to meet an agreed product specification and quality standards required (GMP, avoid specified contaminants, etc.). The recovered solvent is then returned to the customer in IBCs, bulk or drums, so that it can be used again.

Tradebe has extensive knowledge within the solvent recovery industry and so is able to offer both standard and tailored services for pharmaceutical and technical operations.

Thanks to our expertise Tradebe is strongly oriented on quality requirements. Tradebe has developed strong quality measures with regards to high standards of its costumers.  We boast a wealth of modern distillation plant technology across our European and American production sites.

More than 75% of available solvents can be recovered. Suitable solvents include: toluene, THF, NMP, acetone, MTBE, MDC, acetonitrile and DMF and many others.


Solvent toll recycling offer a wealth of benefits for our clients, which include:

  • A significant reduction in the quantity of solvent waste, which in turn reduces the impact on environment and costs associated with the disposal of the waste.
  • A reduced need to purchase pure solvents, which reduces the production costs and the impact that this has on the environment.
  • Provides protection from fluctuating solvent market prices and the TOLL processing fee is not linked to these market changes.
  • Regulatory compliance with the European Waste Hierarchy that requires waste producers to recycle as much waste as technically possible.
  • Provides logistic solutions to customers in terms of safety stocks, reducing the quantity of hazardous products strored in customer plants, etc. 

We offer standard and tailored services to produce products to the highest of standards.