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As a result of the creation of Cemfuel in 1992, Tradebe has a strong relationship with the cement industry and has had a substantial positive impact on the environment and future generations.


Cemfuel is a solvent based alternative cement kiln fuel that is produced from the residues that remain after solvent recycling or organic solvent waste that cannot be recovered or economically recycled.

Previously this organic waste would be sent to landfill or it would require incineration, but it is now used to reduce the reliance of fossil fuels in the firing of cement kilns.

This alternative cement kiln fuel is created by innovatively processing and blending organic wastes to a strict protocol. The high temperatures of the cement kilns (over 1,450°C) and long duration of the cement kilns completely utilises all the energy value from the organic waste.

The use and creation of Cemfuel has many benefits including:

  • The reduction in the use of fossil fuels

  • A reduction in the quantity of waste going to landfill or incineration

  • And the cement and lime industries having a net saving in carbon dioxide emissions.